On the set for "Mysteries at the Museum," Marietta, Ohio, 2014.
On the set for "Mysteries at the Museum," Marietta, Ohio, 2014.
Sinister Hand Media: The work of Mark Sebastian Jordan
Sinister Hand Media: The work of Mark Sebastian Jordan

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Announcing the debut of the History & Haunts Podcast! Join Annie Tarpley and Mark Sebastian Jordan from the History & Haunts paranormal research group to explore the connections between reported hauntings and verifiable historical events. The first two-part episode is up: 1A-Meet Your Hosts and 1B-Meet Your Ghosts.

History & Haunts will be appearing at the Hidden Marietta Paranormal Expo on January 26! Annie Tarpley and Mark Sebastian Jordan will speak, sharing the ghost hunting team's findings!

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Willa Cather's classic novel "Death Comes for the Archbishop" was inspired by a missionary who got his start in rural Ohio. In the latest Dark Heartlands podcast, we visit the forgotten ruins of the St. Joseph mission and its graveyard on a wind swept ridge in Holmes County.

In this week's History Knox column, I examine the fiery bridge collapse in Millwood, Ohio, that led to the rerouting of US 62 in 1947.

In this week's History Knox, we look at the life of frontier missionary Father Lamy, and visit the ruins of his early mission on Kaylor Ridge in Holmes County, Ohio. Lamy's later adventures in the US southwest would inspire Willa Cather's novel "Death Comes for the Archbishop."

This week's column becomes Prehistory Knox as we take a look at the Adena burial mound in Mount Vernon's Mound View Cemetery.

In this week's History Knox, I conclude the epic story of George Copeland, accused of murder in 1905 in Mount Vernon, by 1920 he's playing to sold-out crowds in Hollywood as part of the explosion of African-American cultural renaissance that swept the US. By the end of 1925, he's dead at the age of 38. Links to the earlier articles are in the introduction on the article page.

In the latest episode of my Dark Heartlands podcast, I look into the peculiar story of the phantom blimp of Gallipolis, Ohio, an incident in 1931 when numerous witnesses reported seeing the USS Akron crash-- but the airship was actually in Detroit that day. What really happened?

Upcoming Appearances


 Mark will serve as host and one of the improv comedy troupe 4 Klunkers & a Chevy in a special New Year's Eve performance at the Mansfield Playhouse, 93 E Third Street, in Mansfield on Dec. 31 at 8 pm. Click here for tickets.




Brittany Schock interviews me about why I choose to remain in rural Ohio instead of working in New York City or Los Angeles on her fantastic podcast Why the Hell am I Here?


Latest Reviews

Jeannette Sorrell and Apollo's Fire bring life to a seasonal favorite, demonstrating why Messiah became a favorite in the first place.


John Adams distills terror with the Cleveland Orchestra in Scheherazade.2 with Leila Josefowicz as soloist.



More of Mark Sebastian Jordan's reviews can be read at Seen & Heard International.

The first book in the Sam Slammer mystery series, "Slammer, Private Dick" is available at Amazon.com as an e-book or paperback or by clicking on the button below.


Sam Slammer is the world’s least succesful private eye. His office is in his elderly parents' garage in small-town Ohio. Most of his cases involve rescuing cats from trees with the help of his long-time best friend, sidekick, and roommate, Bohuslav. But the moment the intriguingly-endowed Judy McCool strolls in with a case the clueless sleuth can’t refuse, all hell breaks loose. Before he’s done, Slammer will be sucked up into a comic romp of international proportions that could end up dropping him in bed with his buddy or with his client, but not even Sam knows which side of the fence he’ll be sitting on when the case is cracked.


Look for the second book in the series, "Dicks in Space," in early 2018.




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